1 August 1982 High Speed Photography: Techniques And Applications
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High speed photography has the great advantage of giving direct visual information about transient processes. This article reviews the techniques of high speed photography and describes a range of applications with examples from the author's group at the Cavendish. There are various types of high speed cameras that can operate in different speed, or framing rate, ranges. These are discussed in terms of increasing framing rate ability since this illustrates the techniques involved and also outlines the historical development of the subject. The applications illustrated include studies of fracture, impact, erosion, high rate of strain deformation, explosive initiation, and laser-induced damage.
J. E. Field, J. E. Field, } "High Speed Photography: Techniques And Applications," Optical Engineering 21(4), 214709 (1 August 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972968 . Submission:

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