1 October 1982 Microprocessor-Based Charge Coupled Device (CCD) Test Console
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A relatively inexpensive microprocessor-based charge coupled device (CCD) test console system has been built for the evaluation of CCD imaging arrays. The system consists of a commercially available microprocessor system (Commodore PET 2001) that controls test equipment used in CCD array testing. The test console is capable of measuring charge transfer efficiency (CTE) and noise for any size CCD array. The data collection is done by the computer interface to minimize operator error. The system is interactively controlled by an operator who runs the operation of the system from the keyboard of the microprocessor.
E. L. Dereniak, R. A. Bredthauer, E. M. Hicks, J. E. Vicars, R. A. Florence, "Microprocessor-Based Charge Coupled Device (CCD) Test Console," Optical Engineering 21(5), 215942 (1 October 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973007 . Submission:


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