1 December 1982 Ion Polishing Of Optical Surfaces
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Broad beam ion sources have been employed to remove material from (or deposit materials onto) optical surfaces in a highly controlled fashion without mechanically contacting the optic surface. Thus, ion processing techniques should be applicable for figuring high energy laser mirrors. The topo-graphical etching and deposition facility at TRW has been used for etching laser gratings, which illustrate processing capabilities demonstrated to date. The facility includes a 10 cm diameter argon ion source, typically operated at 1000 eV and 1 mA/cm2, microprocessor controlled x-y translation tables, and asso-ciated vacuum equipment, fixturing, and electronics. Etch depth control to better than 100 A at 4.2 micrometers groove spacing was achieved on molybdenum mirrors weighing up to 150 pounds.
S. Zafran, S. Zafran, K. A. Kaufman, K. A. Kaufman, M. M. Silver, M. M. Silver, } "Ion Polishing Of Optical Surfaces," Optical Engineering 21(6), 216002 (1 December 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973023 . Submission:


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