1 December 1982 Passive Visible To Infrared Transducer For Dynamic Infrared Image Simulation
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Abstract. A passive visible to infrared image transducer is described which, for the first time, allows practical simulation of high resolution dynamic infrared imagery. A theoretical performance analysis is presented which indicates that an MTF (modulation transfer function) of 50% at 5 cycles/mm is achievable with a time response of less than 20 msec and a required input power of less than 2 mW/cm2 per simulated degree AT. Experimental results on working devices are reported which match theoretical predictions. Successful simulation of high speed real-world infrared imagery is described. Suggestions for future work which should further enhance resolution and dynamic range are presented.
Vincent T. Bly, Vincent T. Bly, } "Passive Visible To Infrared Transducer For Dynamic Infrared Image Simulation," Optical Engineering 21(6), 216079 (1 December 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973037 . Submission:

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