1 December 1982 Design, Fabrication, And Metrology Of Negative Branch Waxicons
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Three negative branch waxicons, all with magnifications of 1.875, were fabricated by diamond turning at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant, operated for the Department of Energy by Union Carbide Corporation, Nuclear Division. One of the waxicons was a simple beam compactor, and the other two had varying degrees of ray redistribution designed into the surface profiles. I nterferometric data taken during the fabrication process were used to make tool offset position corrections between successive cuts. The final surface was tested by single-and double-pass interferometry. The intensity redistribution effect was mea-sured by using a collimated beam incident on the annular leg and scanning the intensity of the compacted beam. All three waxicons were intended for use in a HSURIA (half-symmetric unstable resonator with internal axicon) confiauration.
J. K. Guha, J. K. Guha, R. Yoder, R. Yoder, } "Design, Fabrication, And Metrology Of Negative Branch Waxicons," Optical Engineering 21(6), 216963 (1 December 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973014 . Submission:

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