1 February 1983 Phase Function Measurements Of Premier Grade Diesel Fuel Smoke
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The phase function of smoke produced by dropping premier grade diesel fuel on a hot soldering iron was measured using a polar nephelometer. Measurements of the polarized and depolarized components were made at 0.6328 micrometers. The polarized components of the phase function exhibit a strong forward scattering peak, a shoulder extending to approximately 60°, a region of very weak scattering between 60° and 115°, and a backscattering region. The depolarized components are quite weak, within the range of experimental error, leading to the conclusion that smoke particles are spherical.
L. W. Winchester, Jr., L. W. Winchester, Jr., } "Phase Function Measurements Of Premier Grade Diesel Fuel Smoke," Optical Engineering 22(1), 220140 (1 February 1983). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973045 . Submission:

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