1 February 1983 Total Optical Depth And Mixed-Layer Visibility In The Marine Regime
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The total aerosol optical depth p is the sum of three components: the stratospheric, us; the upper tropospheric um and the marine boundary layer, um. The extinction coefficient at the sea surface ao can be calculated from ao = f(u-us-um)/h, where h is the height of the boundary layer and f is a factor that accounts for the height dependence of aerosol extinction in the boundary layer. A boundary layer aerosol model is presented that explains the height dependence of a. Both f and h depend on the general synoptic weather pattern. This is demonstrated using a set of aircraft aerosol profiles measured over the Pacific Ocean in the vicinity of Monterey, California.
C. W. Fairall, C. W. Fairall, } "Total Optical Depth And Mixed-Layer Visibility In The Marine Regime," Optical Engineering 22(1), 220150 (1 February 1983). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973047 . Submission:

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