1 February 1983 Numerical Modeling Of Optically Significant Characteristics Of Falling Snow
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The optical properties of falling snow depend on physical characteristics such as snowflake size, density, and concentration. A semiempirical model is being developed to determine falling snow characteristics from micrometeorological conditions. The model is validated by comparing results to data taken during the U.S. Army SNOW ONE-A tests. Several of the inputs to the model are treated parametrically to provide a preliminary look at the sensitivity of optical properties to changes in meteorological variables.
M. Martinez-Sanchez, M. Martinez-Sanchez, V. Yousefian, V. Yousefian, D. Dvore, D. Dvore, R. Vaglio-Lauren, R. Vaglio-Lauren, } "Numerical Modeling Of Optically Significant Characteristics Of Falling Snow," Optical Engineering 22(1), 220178 (1 February 1983). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973051 . Submission:

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