1 February 1983 Obscuration By Helicopter-Produced Snow Clouds
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Measurement data from a helicopter snow obscuration field test conducted at the SNOW ONE-A test at Camp Ethan Allen, Vermont, are discussed relative to temporal and spatial effects of helicopter-downwash-produced snow clouds on visible and infrared transmission. Two tests were conducted-one on December 15, 1981 and one on December 17, 1981. Intervening between these two dates was a snowstorm which left approximately 20 cm of new snow on the ground. During each test a helicopter performed several different flight patterns including hovering at fixed altitude, landing, rapid and slow descent, and forward motion flights, both perpendicular and parallel to the transmissometer line of sight. Application of the multispectral and temporal data for understanding transmission through helicopter-produced snow clouds is discussed. Also reported on briefly in this paper is the phenomenon of helicopter contrast enhancement resulting from obscuration of the (dark) background by the blowing snow cloud.
John F. Ebersole, John F. Ebersole, } "Obscuration By Helicopter-Produced Snow Clouds," Optical Engineering 22(1), 220194 (1 February 1983). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973054 . Submission:

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