1 February 1983 Probabilistic Diffraction Limited Imaging Through Turbulence
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The possibility of considerably increasing the resolution of an extended image taken through a turbulent atmosphere by selecting random "lucky" diffraction limited exposures out of many normal-turbulence degraded-short exposures is experimentally explored. For an imaging aperture D, larger than the atmospheric spatial coherence length ro, the probability P of getting a diffraction limited short exposure image of a point source is found to be exp[-0.6(D/r0)2 ]. This result is in agreement with Fried's prediction. The angular isoplanatism is measured to be -X/ro. However, observed random wavefront tilts scramble the diffraction limited picture elements in an isoplanatic patch, thus complicating the probabilistic imaging method.
A. Englander, A. Englander, M. Slatkine, M. Slatkine, R. Karoubi, R. Karoubi, D. Bensimon, D. Bensimon, } "Probabilistic Diffraction Limited Imaging Through Turbulence," Optical Engineering 22(1), 221145 (1 February 1983). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973063 . Submission:

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