1 April 1983 Masked Ion Beam Lithography For Submicrometer Device Fabrication
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Masked ion beam lithography (MIBL) is a high resolution pattern replication technology that uses a collimated proton beam directed through a patterned mask to expose a resist-coated wafer in proximity to the mask. A major step in the demonstration of MIBL as a practical lithography for submicrometer device processing has been achieved with the fabrication of functional n-channel metal oxide semiconductor (NMOS) devices. We present details of the mask fabrication, resist and process technology development, and the resulting NMOS test chip characteristics.
C. W. Slayman, C. W. Slayman, J. L. Bartelt, J. L. Bartelt, C. M. McKenna, C. M. McKenna, J. Y. Chen, J. Y. Chen, } "Masked Ion Beam Lithography For Submicrometer Device Fabrication," Optical Engineering 22(2), 222208 (1 April 1983). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973084 . Submission:

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