1 June 1983 Field-Corrected Catadioptric Magnifiers
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In this paper, we describe the basic principle and aberration properties of both single-element and two-element catadioptric magnifiers which have been designed and fabricated. These magnifiers are capable of producing visual magnification of 15 to 20 times with large eye-relief, and they are useful for reading microfiche having frame sizes of 16 mmX12 mm and 12 mmX9 mm. It has been found that by changing the shape of the single-element catadioptric magnifier, field curvature and distortion can be improved by considerable amounts. A much better improvement has, however, been obtained with the two-element system.
M. V. R. K. Murty, N. C. Das, R. P. Shukla, "Field-Corrected Catadioptric Magnifiers," Optical Engineering 22(3), 223373 (1 June 1983). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973123 . Submission:

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