1 June 1983 Geometrical Rectification Of Spin-Scan Images From Pioneer 11
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Images of Saturn received from Pioneer 11 suffer from geometrical distortions due to the curvilinear scan lines and the unequal sampling intervals in orthogonal directions, which are inherent in spin-scan imaging. In this paper we discuss geometrical image rectification by polynomial transformation based on control points. Factors that affect the accuracy of reconstruction are shown to include the spatial distribution and spatial density of control points and the order of the polynomial distortion model. A computer implementation of the technique is described.
R. N. Strickland, R. N. Strickland, J. J. Burke, J. J. Burke, } "Geometrical Rectification Of Spin-Scan Images From Pioneer 11," Optical Engineering 22(3), 223385 (1 June 1983). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973126 . Submission:

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