1 August 1983 Infrared Spectral Radiance Of The Sky
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A method of calculating the self-radiance of the sky based on the LOWTRAN-4 computer code is described. The method is a significant improvement on that included as an option in LOWTRAN-4 itself as a result of two modifications: a) Our method, unlike the one included in LOWTRAN-4, takes into account the radiance scattered into the line of sight. b) The model of the atmosphere in the computer code must be divided into a certain number of layers, each one having approximately uniform conditions. Our method uses a correct optimal division. Consequently, our method gives a better agreement with the experimental data, especially for long optical paths in the lower layers of the atmosphere.
A. Ben-Shalom, A. Ben-Shalom, A. D. Devir, A. D. Devir, S. G. Lipson, S. G. Lipson, } "Infrared Spectral Radiance Of The Sky," Optical Engineering 22(4), 224460 (1 August 1983). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973144 . Submission:

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