1 August 1983 Multichannel Digital Optical Disk Memory System
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This paper describes a prototype computer-controlled digital optical disk memory system that was designed and built for an office-of-the-future application and also to track the technology, assess issues, and provide answers to a host of application-oriented requirements. The system uses gas lasers for writing and reading. Unique features of the system are simultaneous eight-channel parallel readout, write channel addressing, and a readout channel incorporating a single custom photodetector array for extracting data as well as focus and tracking error signals. The problems of media sensitivity and archivability are discussed, and sensitivity measurement techniques are described with typical examples shown.
D. C. Kowalski, D. C. Kowalski, D. J. Curry, D. J. Curry, L. T. Klinger, L. T. Klinger, G. Knight, G. Knight, } "Multichannel Digital Optical Disk Memory System," Optical Engineering 22(4), 224464 (1 August 1983). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973145 . Submission:

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