1 February 1984 Using Visual Range Data For Highway Operations In Blowing Snow
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This paper describes characteristics of visual range attenuation in blowing snow in relation to motorist vision. Visual range V is related to wind speed U according to V = AU-5 with the A coefficient changing in response to snow availability. A lower limit for visual range is described with A =1.1 X108 m6 s-5. An operational monitoring system used on Interstate Highway 80 in Wyoming demonstrates how real-time computer analysis of photometric data can be used to determine the A value, interpret visual range in terms of vehicle operation, and provide automated traffic operations decisions.
Ronald D. Tabler, "Using Visual Range Data For Highway Operations In Blowing Snow," Optical Engineering 23(1), 230155 (1 February 1984). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973253 . Submission:

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