1 February 1984 Letter To The Editor: Comments On The Paper
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On page 610 of the September/ October 1983 issue the authors (Blouke et al.) state that the MTF of the CCD (as a discrete sample imager) ideally "should exhibit a sin(f/fN)/(f/fN) behavior, where f and fN are the spatial frequency of the scene and the spatial Nyquist frequency, respectively." Application of this formula would give values of 84 percent modulation at Nyquist and 45 percent at twice Nyquist (although the latter would be of no real significance). In fact, the relationship (for a fully-active pixel-area device) is a sinc function:
M. M. Blouke, M. M. Blouke, J. R. Janesick, J. R. Janesick, J . E. Hall, J . E. Hall, M. W. Cowens, M. W. Cowens, P. J. May, P. J. May, } "Letter To The Editor: Comments On The Paper," Optical Engineering 23(1), 231102 (1 February 1984). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973262 . Submission:

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