1 April 1984 Balloon Atmospheric Mosaic Measurement (BAMM) Iia Optical Subsystem
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This paper presents the design of the balloon atmospheric mosaic measurement (BAMM) IIA optical subsystem. The BAMM IIA system is a cryogenically cooled infrared mosaic sensor built for a high altitude balloon measurement program. This paper discusses the optics subsystem designed to operate in the temperature range of 78 K to 85 K. The optics subsystems consist of three infrared telescopes mounted on a turret to permit in-flight selection, 11 dielectric filters for band selection in the spectral region from 2.6 to 5.0 um, a cold chopper, and two reference radiometric sources. This paper presents some aspects of this design and evaluation of the components making up the optics subsystem.
Marion N. Todd, Marion N. Todd, Mitchell C. Ruda, Mitchell C. Ruda, Alan W. Greynolds, Alan W. Greynolds, Norman L. Miller, Norman L. Miller, } "Balloon Atmospheric Mosaic Measurement (BAMM) Iia Optical Subsystem," Optical Engineering 23(2), 232131 (1 April 1984). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973400 . Submission:

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