1 April 1984 Role Of Hard Carbon In The Field Of Infrared Coating Materials
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Amorphous hydrogenated hard carbon (a-C:H) is a promising new optical coating material for passive infrared materials. It offers the rare combination of extreme hardness, chemical inertness, and optical transparency over a wide spectral range. We give an overview of the optical properties of rf-plasma deposited a-C:H coatings and compare them with vacuum-evaporated infrared coatings. For many applications, a-C:H solves the problem of a mechanically and chemically resistant 8 to 12 Am coating despite its moderate absorption in the 6 to 20 Am range. The tunability of the refractive index between 1.8 and 2.2 allows single layer coatings on Si and Ge with zero reflection. State-of-the-art applications, possible future developments, as well as remaining technological problems of a-C:H are discussed.
A. Bubenzer, A. Bubenzer, B. Dischler, B. Dischler, G. Brandt, G. Brandt, P. Koidl, P. Koidl, } "Role Of Hard Carbon In The Field Of Infrared Coating Materials," Optical Engineering 23(2), 232153 (1 April 1984). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973404 . Submission:


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