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1 June 1984 Laser-Addressed Liquid Crystal Displays
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This review paper describes the development of laser-addressed liquid crystal display (LLCD) technology. It covers a period dating back to 1970 and includes the work of all research groups who have published their results in this field. The technology employs a scanned laser beam to thermally write on a high-resolution liquid crystal light valve. The LC cell has storage but can be erased rapidly with an electric field, and an image may be modified using selective erase and rewrite. The cell is projected onto a screen to give a bright, high-contrast and high-information-content image. Being a projection display, a wide range of screen sizes is possible, and color can be provided by overlaying multiple images.
A. G. Dewey "Laser-Addressed Liquid Crystal Displays," Optical Engineering 23(3), (1 June 1984).
Published: 1 June 1984
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