1 August 1984 Infrared Heterodyning Using Silver Halide Fibers
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Infrared-transmitting silver halide fibers, 0.3 to 1 .0 mm in diameter, were fabricated by extrusion and were found to have losses of about 1 dB/m at X = 10.6 Am. Infrared heterodyne experiments have been carried out using these fibers. Two stabilized CO2 lasers, of frequencies col and cwt, were used. The two laser beams were coupled into a single infrared fiber, using a Y coupler, with no other optics. Both beams were transmitted through this fiber to a fast IR detector. A heterodyne signal at a beat frequency cal - (02 was obtained from the detector.
A. Katzir, A. Katzir, S. Simhony, S. Simhony, J. Salzman, J. Salzman, A. Schoenberg, A. Schoenberg, E. Kapon, E. Kapon, } "Infrared Heterodyning Using Silver Halide Fibers," Optical Engineering 23(4), 234462 (1 August 1984). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973318 . Submission:


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