1 October 1984 Welding Adaptive Functions Performed Through Infrared Simplified Vision Schemes
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Simplified 3-D vision schemes in a restricted bandpass of the infrared spectrum are used to fulfill welding adaptive functions in real time. A laboratory prototype able to seam track most of the 3-D joints encountered in welding is described, along with its performance as it applies to welding technology and to promoting better quality welds. Modules based on this prototype are of importance to expand the use of robotic arc welding since the latter can only be done reliably if real-time minute corrective actions on specific welding parameters (generalized torch coordinates and heat and mass balance) can be incorporated into a robotic welding station.
G. Begin, G. Begin, J. P. Boillot, J. P. Boillot, C. Michel, C. Michel, } "Welding Adaptive Functions Performed Through Infrared Simplified Vision Schemes," Optical Engineering 23(5), 235518 (1 October 1984). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973331 . Submission:

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