1 December 1984 Rotation-Invariant Pattern Recognition
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Matched filters with signal-to-noise ratios that are space-invariant and rotation-invariant with respect to the target have been developed. Our approach has been to extract from the target one or more circular harmonic components and to use a filter matched to these components. The technique has been implemented both digitally and with an optical processor using com-puter-generated holograms. To discriminate between objects that are almost similar, a pseudo-object is used to generate the matched filter. The technique was introduced previously as an ad hoc method; a more systematic approach based on system constraints suggests the existence of other rotation-invariant linear filters.
H. H. Arsenault, H. H. Arsenault, Y N. Hsu, Y N. Hsu, K. Chalasinska-Macukow, K. Chalasinska-Macukow, } "Rotation-Invariant Pattern Recognition," Optical Engineering 23(6), 236705 (1 December 1984). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973367 . Submission:

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