1 February 1985 Convolver-Based Optical Systolic Processing Architectures
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Optical systolic processors perform rapid parallel multiplications of vector and matrix elements. These multiplications may be performed by convolving the digits of individual numbers. Current transducers (particularly acousto-optic cells) make time-domain convolution the method of choice. A time-domain convolver can operate in time-integrating or space-integrating modes. These two modes can be considered as variations of a basic multiplier unit. Starting with the basic multiplier, four matrix-vector and two matrix-matrix multipliers can be derived. Some of these processors are new, and some have been previously identified. Within this unifying framework the perfor-mance of all these processors may be analyzed, and design trade-offs may be identified.
Steven Cartwright, Steven Cartwright, Steven C. Gustafson, Steven C. Gustafson, } "Convolver-Based Optical Systolic Processing Architectures," Optical Engineering 24(1), 240159 (1 February 1985). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973425 . Submission:


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