1 February 1985 Multiple-Reflection Polarizers Using Dielectric-Coated Metallic Mirrors
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Multiple-reflection polarizers are designed using a single-reflection p- or s-suppressing polarizing mirror as the basic component, with the constraint that all mirrors be made of the same metallic substrate coated by the same dielectric film. Results are presented for polarizer designs using dielec-tric-coated titanium mirrors at the HF laser wavelength A = 2.8 um. The best designs are those that suppress the p polarization with all mirrors being coated by equal thicknesses of the same polarizing film. Excellent performance over a small operating wavelength range and in the presence of limited film-thickness and angle-of-incidence errors is demonstrated.
Tracy F. Thonn, Tracy F. Thonn, R. M.A. Azzam, R. M.A. Azzam, } "Multiple-Reflection Polarizers Using Dielectric-Coated Metallic Mirrors," Optical Engineering 24(1), 241202 (1 February 1985). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973450 . Submission:

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