1 April 1985 Optoelectronic Switch Matrices: Recent Developments
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Recent developments in optoelectronic broadband switch matrices based on GaAs photoconductive detectors are described. Integrated arrays of optoelectronic crosspoints have been constructed and tested to show 70 dB of crosstalk rejection for an array density of 100 crosspoints/mm2 at a frequency of 100 MHz. Such devices may have application for large-scale circuit switching in networks carrying such broadband signals as high definition television. A 3 X3 array with isolation greater than 45 dB at frequencies up to 3.8 GHz has also been demonstrated. Optoelectronic switch arrays can be used in analog and digital signal processing. Sharp, tunable filters with overall bandwidth in excess of 1 GHz have been constructed by means of reflex connections to an optoelectronic matrix using optical delay lines. This apparatus can also be used for high rate digital word generation and other digital signal processing. Switch-ing times below 1 ns have been confirmed. A key area for development is the distribution of light in the matrix. The use of integrated optical waveguides appears to be essential to realize the full potential of optoelectronic switching.
R. I. MacDonald, R. I. MacDonald, D. K.W. Lam, D. K.W. Lam, } "Optoelectronic Switch Matrices: Recent Developments," Optical Engineering 24(2), 242220 (1 April 1985). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973458 . Submission:


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