1 April 1985 Forum
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As I struggled to complete my thesis research, for advanced degrees in electrical engineering at MIT (1927 and 1931), little did I realize that two important developments of considerable engineering application were in their embryonic stages, and I was right on the cutting edge of both. These were (1) the first practical analog computer?"' with the capability to solve nonlinear differential equations and (2) the strobe light,5-7 which gives ample light to record rapidly moving mechanical motions. These two devices were used together as a system to study the transient performance of synchronous machines for my graduate studies. I must say that they did it well for many years.
Harold E. Edgerton, Harold E. Edgerton, } "Forum," Optical Engineering 24(2), 242372 (1 April 1985). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973488 . Submission:

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