1 April 1985 Book Reviews
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When several authors collaborate to write a highly technical book, the resulting work can benefit in its scope from their differing perspectives. While the book gains in completeness, there are, however, often trade-offs in the form of cohesion. Such appears to be the case with Multiphoton Spectroscopy of Molecules by S. H. Lin, Y. Fujimura, H. J. Neusser, and E. W. Schlag four authors from three different institutions on three different continents. Accepting this shortcoming, however, one who wishes to familiarize himself with either the theoretical or experimental aspects of this relatively new field will find much material in this book to make it worthwhile reading.
N. Djeu, N. Djeu, } "Book Reviews," Optical Engineering 24(2), 242374 (1 April 1985). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973489 . Submission:

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