1 August 1985 Infrared All-Optical Information Processing In Semiconductors
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This paper discusses the feasibility of all-optical information processing using the nonlinear refractive index at the band gap in direct band semiconductors. Comparison is made of the nonlinearities due to dynamic state filling, also known as the dynamic Burstein-Moss shift, and excitonic nonlinearities. It will be shown that the lowest possible intensity thresholds for nonlinear processes such as optical bistability and degenerate four-wave mixing occur from the dynamic state filling nonlinearity. The wavelengths around 3 µm in mate-rials such as InAs appear to be an excellent choice for parallel processing of a large amount of information.
E. Garmire, E. Garmire, } "Infrared All-Optical Information Processing In Semiconductors," Optical Engineering 24(4), 244575 (1 August 1985). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973532 . Submission:

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