1 August 1985 Moire Interferometry For Deformation And Strain Studies
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Recent advances in high sensitivity moire interferometry are described. In-plane displacement fields are shown for very challenging problem areas: adhesive joints in tension and in bending, flexure of quasi-isotropic composite laminates, and fatigue cracks in aluminum. Reference gratings with 2400 lines/mm (60,960 //in.) were used, providing a sensitivity of 0.417 Am/fringe order (16.4 Ain./fringe order). Excellent fringe contrast was obtained in all cases, even for gradients of 64 fringes/mm (1600 fringes/in.). A four-beam optical system to produce two orthogonal virtual reference gratings was employed. The question of unknown relative displacements in two-body problems was answered by use of a soft bridge between the bodies to provide a continuous path for the fringe count.
Daniel Post, Daniel Post, } "Moire Interferometry For Deformation And Strain Studies," Optical Engineering 24(4), 244663 (1 August 1985). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973547 . Submission:

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