1 August 1985 High Speed Holographic Movie Camera
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A high speed holographic movie camera system has been developed to investigate the dynamic behavior of cavitation bubbles in liquids. As a light source for holography, a high power multiply cavity-dumped argonion laser is used to record very long hologram series with framing rates up to 300 kHz. For separating successively recorded holograms, two spatial multiplexing techniques are applied simultaneously: rotation of the holographic plate or film and acousto-optic beam deflection. With the combination of these two techniques we achieve up to 4000 single holograms in one series.
W. Hentschel, W. Lauterborn, "High Speed Holographic Movie Camera," Optical Engineering 24(4), 244687 (1 August 1985). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973553 . Submission:

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