1 August 1985 Holography Applied To Inspection And Measurement In An Industrial Environment
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The three-dimensional imaging capability, enormous information storage capacity, and the related very high resolution of images when they are correctly reconstructed combine to make holography an inspection tool of immense power and utility in capital-intensive industries. This paper describes work in the U.K. electricity-generating industry aimed at enabling high grade holograms to be routinely recorded in a wide range of industrial situations where high speed acquisition of visual data is desirable. Specific applications to be described are holography of nuclear reactor cores and of irradiated fuel elements for inspection after withdrawal from the reactor. Accurate recon-struction of images and precise, three-dimensional measurement of recon-structed images in a laboratory environment are then undertaken with computer-controlled micronlanipulator equipment traversing a television camera within the real image. Measurements of a 1 m long fuel element to within 0.1 mm have been demonstrated and resolutions of 50 line pairs/mm have been obtained on the reconstructed object. The paper describes work on in-reactor inspection in which the pulsed ruby laser used to record the holograms is routinely aligned to a 15 m beam relay and remote holographic head. Three-dimensional reconstruction and hologrammetry are described, and plans for automated measurement and inspection using image enhancement techniques are discussed.
B. A. Tozer, B. A. Tozer, R. Glenville, R. Glenville, A. L. Gordon, A. L. Gordon, M. J. Little, M. J. Little, J. M. Webster, J. M. Webster, D. G. Wright, D. G. Wright, } "Holography Applied To Inspection And Measurement In An Industrial Environment," Optical Engineering 24(5), 245746 (1 August 1985). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973570 . Submission:

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