1 August 1985 Solid-State Spectral Transmissometer And Radiometer
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An in situ instrument designed to measure the spectral attenuation coefficient of seawater and the ocean remote-sensing reflectance from 400 to 750 nm is in the test and development stage. It employs a 256 channel, charge-coupled type of linear array measuring the spectral intensities diffracted by a grating. Examples of the types of data delivered by this instrument have been simulated using a breadboard laboratory instrument and an above-water, solid-state radiometer. Algorithms developed using data from these instruments provide measures of chlorophyll a plus phaeophytin a concentrations from less than 0.1 to 77.0 mg/m3, gelbstoff spectral absorption coefficients, and detrital spectral backscattering coefficients for waters of the west Florida shelf.
K. L. Carder, R. G. Steward, P. R. Payne, "Solid-State Spectral Transmissometer And Radiometer," Optical Engineering 24(5), 245863 (1 August 1985). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973589 . Submission:

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