1 December 1985 Three Dimensional Display Based On Thick Holographic Phase Components
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In many different fields of information processing, such as medical or aerial image processing, computer aided design or manufacturing (CAD/CAM), and flight simulation or control activities, there exists an increasing need for display of true three-dimensional data. In this paper a screen is proposed that composes a 3-D image from information of different depth planes (image slices). The angular selectivity of holographic elements in a thick phase material (such as dichromated gelatin) is used to combine the image slices, which are projected from different directions to a 3-D image. This screen has a high light efficiency, uses no mechanically moving parts, and can be addressed in real time. The principle of the setup will be described, and some preliminary results will be presented.
H. Bartelt, H. Bartelt, N. Streibl, N. Streibl, "Three Dimensional Display Based On Thick Holographic Phase Components," Optical Engineering 24(6), 241038 (1 December 1985). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973625 . Submission:

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