1 January 1986 Multiple-Valued Threshold Logic: Its Status And Its Realization
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Multiple-valued logic, in which the number of discrete logic levels is not confined to two, as is the case with all present-day digital systems, has many theoretical advantages. Multiple-valued threshold logic has particular attractions but, as with all forms of logic with more than two logic levels, is presently constrained by the lack of good devices for system realization. In this paper we introduce the theoretical attractions of multiple-valued digital systems and look toward optoelectronics for more realistic devices in the future.
Stanley L. Hurst, Stanley L. Hurst, } "Multiple-Valued Threshold Logic: Its Status And Its Realization," Optical Engineering 25(1), 250144 (1 January 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973779 . Submission:

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