1 October 1986 Book Reviews
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Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells by K. Takahashi and M. Konagai is one of the first books dealing exclusively with the subject of amorphous silicon solar cells. The book was first published in Japanese in 1983 and was translated and published in English in 1986. Part 1, covering 94 pages, is a general introduction to solar energy, including the basic concepts, the prospects for cost reduction of the various competing photovoltaic technologies, and a discussion of several types of solar power systems, while Part 2 deals exclusively with the technical issues surrounding the application of amorphous silicon to solar cells. Throughout, reference is made to the impact of photovoltaics on the Japanese economy, both as a business activity and as a domestic supply of electrical energy. As the authors point out, photovoltaics is a national priority for the Japanese, with increasing business as well as government support. Although this was also once the case in the U.S., as memories of the recent energy crises fade, the bulk of this activity is shifting toward the Far East.
Anthony Catalano, Anthony Catalano, } "Book Reviews," Optical Engineering 25(10), 251182 (1 October 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973976 . Submission:

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