1 December 1986 Book Reviews
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This book hardly needs an introduction, since its first edition appeared 17 years ago. In the mid-1970s I was teaching a course on optical coatings to a group of optical coating engineers from various industrial coating shops. I chatted with engineers from Texas Instruments who had learned about optical coatings essentially on their own, with little tutoring from experienced workers. They referred to Prof. Macleod's book as their "bible." While this reviewer does not mean to imply any irreverent comparison, it still serves to remind us that Macleod's book has remained the standard textbook on optical coatings for nearly two decades. Other books have appeared during this period, for example, Z. Knittl's Optics of Thin Films and more recently H. Pulker's Coatings on Glass. Although they cover some topics that Macleod does not, Thin-Film Optical Filters has remained the standard reference and text in this field.
Phillip Baumeister, Phillip Baumeister, Phillip Baumeister, Phillip Baumeister, } "Book Reviews," Optical Engineering 25(12), 251334 (1 December 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7974010 . Submission:


Applications, Devices, And Markets For Optical Coatings
Proceedings of SPIE (October 12 1986)
Coating Of Plastics - Coatings On Plastic
Proceedings of SPIE (July 12 1988)
Interference Coatings - Practical Considerations
Proceedings of SPIE (February 28 1974)

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