1 February 1986 Photoemitter Membrane Light Modulator
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A potentially high-performance, optically addressed spatial light modulator, called the photoemitter membrane light modulator (PEMLM), is being developed. The structure, operational theory, performance objectives and limitations, and experimentally observed performance of this device are discussed. A grid structure incorporated into the PEMLM is shown to significantly enhance the active removal of electrons from the membrane by secondary emission. The PEMLM offers the potential for framing rates in excess of 1 kHz, 50 1p/mm resolution, storage times of days, sensitivities of less than 1 nJ/cmz, and an intrinsic ability to perform such image processing operations as thresholding, contrast modification, image addition and subtraction, binary logic, and optical synchronous detection.
Arthur D. Fisher, Lai-Chang Ling, John N. Lee, Robert C. Fukuda, "Photoemitter Membrane Light Modulator," Optical Engineering 25(2), 252261 (1 February 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973813 . Submission:

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