1 February 1986 Laser Diode Polarization Beam Combiners In Optical Communication Systems
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Free-space optical communication systems using laser diode transmitters exhibit data rate limitations imposed by the diode's relatively low average output power. Incoherent power combiners represent a viable method for circumventing this limitation. A polarization beam combiner is described, and overall performance is analyzed in terms of signal extinction ratio and total transmitted power. It is shown that in such a combiner it is possible to increase the total transmitted on-axis far-field intensity, but the signal extinction ratio remains constant. The combiner system's true performance is calculated using polarization and power data for different types of laser diodes.
P. L. Fuhr, P. L. Fuhr, } "Laser Diode Polarization Beam Combiners In Optical Communication Systems," Optical Engineering 25(2), 252309 (1 February 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973821 . Submission:

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