1 March 1986 Road Boundary Detection For Autonomous Vehicle Navigation
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The Computer Vision Laboratory at the University of Maryland for the past year has been developing a computer vision system for autonomous ground navigation of roads and road networks for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Strategic Computing Program. The complete system runs on a VAX 11/785, but certain parts of it have been reimplemented on a VICOM image processing system for experimentation on an autonomous vehicle built for the Martin Marietta Corp., Aerospace Division, in Denver, Colorado. We give a brief overview of the principal software components of the system and then describe the VICOM implementation in detail.
Larry S. Davis, Larry S. Davis, Todd R. Kushner, Todd R. Kushner, Jacqueline J. Le Moigne, Jacqueline J. Le Moigne, Allen M. Waxman, Allen M. Waxman, } "Road Boundary Detection For Autonomous Vehicle Navigation," Optical Engineering 25(3), 253409 (1 March 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973838 . Submission:


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