1 April 1986 Fiber Optic Components: Three New Designs
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Three new fiber-optic components are described: an in-line filter, an optical switch, and an in-line attenuator. The in-line filter inserts an optical filter into any fiber line containing a connector while imposing very little additional power loss. The optical switch allows a single out-put fiber to transmit input from either of two fibers and permits switching back and forth between the input fibers as needed. The in-line attenuator attenuates signals in fiber lines over a range of about -30 dB with infinite variability. All three components are rugged, reliable, accurate, and inexpensive. They were developed for the prompt diagnostics used on underground nuclear tests and have successfully performed in this harsh. demanding environment.
Robert P. Reedy, Frederick A. Schumacher, "Fiber Optic Components: Three New Designs," Optical Engineering 25(4), 254580 (1 April 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973864 . Submission:

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