1 May 1986 Speckle
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This issue and the next (June 1986) of Optical Engineering contain about half of the papers that were presented at the International Conference on Speckle, held in San Diego, August 20-23, 1985.* The aim of the conference was to provide a forum for the discussion of all aspects of speckle and its applications. Experts from 11 countries gathered to exchange knowledge and to interact with each other. There were papers on speckle with laser light, speckle from astronomical objects, and speckle with ultrasounds, microwaves, and the infrared. Research and review papers were presented on the statistical properties of speckle, speckle me trology, speckle in imaging and radar systems, speckle in astronomy, and speckle interferometry. Many new results were presented for the first time. The conference showed that speckle is a lively and rapidly evolving field, not only in the study of speckle phenomena but also for its practical applications. Speckle metrology and speckle astronomy in particular have matured to the point where commercial equipment is being built especially for those applications, yielding results that can be obtained by no other methods. Because of deadline considerations and requirements of the refereeing and revision processes, it was not possible to group all the papers on one subject together in one issue, although all the speckle astronomy papers will appear in the June issue. The papers included in these two special lissuues of Optical Engineering represent a snapshot of the lively field of speckle as it exists today.
Henri H. Arsenault, Henri H. Arsenault, Joseph W. Goodman, Joseph W. Goodman, } "Speckle," Optical Engineering 25(5), 255609 (1 May 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973871 . Submission:


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