1 May 1986 Phase-Only Image Reconstruction From Offset Fourier Data
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In a recent paper we investigated the problem of reconstructing the magnitude of a 2-D complex signal f from samples of the Fourier transform of f lying in a small region offset from the origin. The primary application of interest was synthetic aperture radar. We showed that high quality speckle reconstructions are possible so long as the phase of f is highly random. In this paper we explore the possibility of Fourier-offset reconstruction from just the phase of the Fourier transform. We provide and compare a large number of computer-simulated image reconstructions from phase plus magnitude, phase only (constant magnitude), magnitude only (zero phase), and magnitude plus quantized phase. A number of conclusions are drawn regarding Fourier offset phase-only reconstruction, and several topics are suggested for further research.
David C. Munson, Jr., Jorge L. C. Sanz, "Phase-Only Image Reconstruction From Offset Fourier Data," Optical Engineering 25(5), 255655 (1 May 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973880 . Submission:


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