1 May 1986 Infrared Technology: Advances 1975-84, Challenges 1985-94
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Some of the major accomplishments of infrared technology in the decade 1975-84 are reviewed. The trend most influential on technology was development of sensors for use in space. Advances in technology to make these accomplishments possible include evolution of (1) longer-wavelength detectors, (2) techniques to make large lightweight and adaptive optics, (3) mosaic focal plane arrays using CCDs, and (4) staring sensors. Likely major challenges for the next decade are strategic defense from space, global resource management, and understanding of ecology and astronomy preparatory to space colonization. Technology changes to support these challenges are estimated.
John A. Jamieson, "Infrared Technology: Advances 1975-84, Challenges 1985-94," Optical Engineering 25(5), 255688 (1 May 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973887 . Submission:

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