1 June 1986 Speckle Interferometry And Differential Speckle Interferometry Using Cross-Spectrum Techniques
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A cross-spectrum analysis technique that makes it possible to compute an unbiased estimate of the speckle pattern Wiener spectrum has been developed at the University of Nice. Using a one-dimensional interferometer, the technique has given results on several subjects such as the study of atmospheric modulation transfer function, including anisotropy due to the geometry of the telescope aperture, the space-time properties of speckles, the angular structure of Betelgeuse, and the convective motions of solar photo-spheric microstructures. The cross-spectrum analysis technique also has been applied to speckle spectroscopy and to differential speckle interferometry. A theoretical study of the two-wavelength cross spectrum has been formulated, and the first experimental results are shown; they are in good agreement with the theory. Expressions are given for the signal-to-noise ratio for the amplitude and the uncertainty in the phase of the cross spectrum of two speckle images in the presence of photon shot noise. They are applied to the very promising differential speckle interferometry technique, which has already permitted us to measure angular microdisplacements due to atmospheric dispersion into the submilliarcsecond range.
Claude Aime, Claude Aime, Roumain G. Petrov, Roumain G. Petrov, Francois Martin, Francois Martin, Gilbert Ricort, Gilbert Ricort, Julien Borgnino, Julien Borgnino, } "Speckle Interferometry And Differential Speckle Interferometry Using Cross-Spectrum Techniques," Optical Engineering 25(6), 256716 (1 June 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973895 . Submission:

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