1 July 1986 Optical Processing For The Space Station
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The aim of this special issue of Optical Engineering on Optical Processing for the Space Station is to provide a forum for the presentation and future discussion of the full range of research and development activities in optics that have the potential for increasing the space-oriented mission automation capabilities during the Space Station era. Each paper is devoted to a specific technology and/or technique that is essential to the development and evolution of highly efficient spaceborne optical processors. A discussion is given on the potential use of artificial intelligence technologies such as expert systems to greatly enhance the overall system performance and capability of optical processors.
Hua-Kuang Liu, Henry Lum, "Optical Processing For The Space Station," Optical Engineering 25(7), 257807 (1 July 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973911 . Submission:

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