1 September 1986 Surface Finish Measurements Of Diamond-Turned Electroless-Nickel-Plated Mirrors
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Surface roughness data are presented for a matrix of diamond-turned electroless nickel samples having a combination of six phosphorus contents and four heat treatments. Roughness measurements were conducted with commercial optical and stylus profilers (WYKO and Talystep). The results are discussed in terms of the material composition and heat treatment, plus other factors having an observed influence on the surface roughness. For the optimum material properties, full-length (665 itm) 20x WYKO scans yielded values of better than 10 A rms after correction for instrument roll-off.
John S. Taylor, Choi K. Syn, Theodore T. Saito, Robert R. Donaldson, "Surface Finish Measurements Of Diamond-Turned Electroless-Nickel-Plated Mirrors," Optical Engineering 25(9), 251013 (1 September 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973947 . Submission:

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