1 January 1987 Appraisal Of A New Infrared-Based Stress Analysis Technique
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A new and versatile experimental stress analysis technique has recently been developed, based on the measurement of the infrared radiation emitted from the surface of a body as a result of temperature changes caused by cyclic loading within the elastic range ( i.e., the thermoelastic effect). The theory is outlined and the apparatus [referred to as the SPATE (stress pattern analysis by thermal emission) equipment] is described. A number of applications are described to illustrate the principal characteristics of the technique, which is now regarded as a valuable new approach in the stress analysis and design assessment of a wide range of engineering components and structures. Possible future developments in this area are outlined.
P. Stanley, P. Stanley, } "Appraisal Of A New Infrared-Based Stress Analysis Technique," Optical Engineering 26(1), 260175 (1 January 1987). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7974025 . Submission:

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