1 October 1987 Charge-Coupled-Device Charge-Collection Efficiency And The Photon-Transfer Technique
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The charge-coupled device has shown unprecedented performance as a photon detector in the areas of spectral response, charge transfer, and readout noise. Recent experience indicates, however, that the full potential for the CCD's charge-collection efficiency (CCE) lies well beyond that realized in currently available devices. In this paper we present a definition of CCE performance and introduce a standard test tool (the photon-transfer technique) for measuring and optimizing this important CCD parameter. We compare CCE characteristics for different types of CCDs, discuss the primary limitations in achieving high CCE performance, and outline the prospects for future improvement.
James R. Janesick, James R. Janesick, Kenneth P. Klaasen, Kenneth P. Klaasen, Tom Elliott, Tom Elliott, } "Charge-Coupled-Device Charge-Collection Efficiency And The Photon-Transfer Technique," Optical Engineering 26(10), 261072 (1 October 1987). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7974183 . Submission:

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