1 November 1987 Relaxation Method Of Compensation In An Optical Correlator
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An iterative method is proposed for the sharpening of programmable filters in a 4-f optical correlator. Continuously variable spatial light modulators (SLMs) permit the fine adjustment of optical processing filters so as to compensate for the departures from ideal behavior of a real optical system. Although motivated by the development of continuously variable phase-only SLMs, the proposed sharpening method is also applicable to amplitude modulators and, with appropriate adjustments, to binary modulators as well. A computer simulation is presented that illustrates the potential effectiveness of the method: an image is placed on the input to the correlator, and its corresponding phase-only filter is adjusted (allowed to relax) so as to produce a progressively brighter and more centralized peak in the correlation plane. The technique is highly robust against the form of the system's departure from ideal behavior.
Richard D. Juday, Richard D. Juday, Brian J. Daiuto, Brian J. Daiuto, } "Relaxation Method Of Compensation In An Optical Correlator," Optical Engineering 26(11), 261094 (1 November 1987). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7974201 . Submission:

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